Destructo Box
Destructo Box logo

Written and Directed by

Joey Reinisch & Phil McLaughlin


Joey Reinisch, Phil McLaughlin, Aaron Waltke, Matt Loman, Chad Quandt, Kyle McVey, Dawn Barber, John Druska, Paul Straw, Nick Allen, Travis Betz

Layout & Animation

Joey Reinisch, Brian Carney

Music by

Alex Clark

Art and Design by

Joey Reinisch

Editing by

Phil McLaughlin


This is the official wiki for the animated series penis, now available on Mondo Mini Shows.

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Destructo Box is an original animated series created by Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin, with original music by Alex Clark. It follows the often bizarre misadventures of the characters Joey and Phil as they try to survive living together as roommates in a world made up entirely of squares and boxes. It was first popularized on, where it gained recognition and a large fanbase. It is now distributed by Mondo Media.

Want to know more? Check out their YouTube channel or their official webpage, or look around this wiki for more information and help us expand it!


Boobs Penis. 

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